About our Firm

The staff at Qasas Business Services has thorough experience in each area of our practice. Further, each member of our staff has attained specialized knowledge in their respective departments whether it be via education, experience, or certified credentials.

Our firm treats each one of its clients like our sole priority no matter how small their issue might be. This is one of many qualities that we believe separate us from other tax, payroll and bookkeeping professionals in the area. We view our firm members as our family and our clients as an extension of the family. As the trusted choice of so many individuals and business owners, all of them agree with us when we say that at Qasas Business Services, we are always by your side. Always.

Rashad Qasas
Owner & Principal

Rashad Qasas has been servicing the tax and financial needs of local small businesses for over 25 years. His unmatched experience and personable client relations have allowed him to solidify a loyal base of clientele that swear by his gracious attitude and his work’s professional quality.

 Not your run-of-the-mill accountant, Rashad prides himself on not just being his clients’ “tax guy”, but goes further to ensure that his clients receive comprehensive business advice spanning across all sectors of their business. From the inception of a business until the closing/sale of a business, Rashad works hand in hand with his clients to both inform and advise on operational, financial, and legal factors contributing to the viability and success of their businesses. With over 25 years of experience under his belt, Rashad has the wealth of knowledge and know-how to be a client’s most trusted and valuable advisor.

Rashad graduated from New Mexico University with a BS in Accounting in 1984. He started his own accounting practice in 1990, servicing 3 clients while working out of a spare bedroom in his family’s tiny apartment. Over time, he expanded his service offerings, office size, and most importantly, the quantity and diversity of clientele. Growing Qasas Business Services to the point it’s at today, he continues to pride himself on providing each of his clients the utmost focus and attention. Whether his clients are seeking guidance in complex tax matters or are in need of tax representation, Rashad promises to be by their side. Always.

Tariq Qasas, CPA
Senior Accountant

When people meet Tariq, any of their preconceived stereotypes of a typical CPA are thrown out the door. Although he sharply exhibits his financial proficiency and overall grasp of the tax code, he balances the hard skills of the profession with the soft skills needed to connect with his clients on a personal level.  His patience, paired with an innate ability to simplify the most seemingly complex business discussions are always on display as his communication skills command a fresh, competitive edge in an otherwise seemingly stale industry.

Tariq Qasas has extensive experience servicing the financial and taxation needs of local, national and international businesses across a spectrum of different industries. Tariq works side by side with clients to offer clear, professional advice on how to maximize their business value, minimize their financial risks, and prepare for the ever-changing financial and regulatory landscape that businesses must adapt to.

Tariq prides himself in going the extra mile (extra kilometer for the international clients) to ensure that his clients have a firm understanding of not only the “what” and “how much” of taxes they’re liable for, but more importantly, the “why” and “how to minimize” those taxes. He stands by his belief that for a business to budget, grow and succeed, it should have a full grasp of the factors contributing to one of its’ biggest expenses- its’ tax liability.

Tariq started his career at Qasas Business Services as a staff accountant while he was simultaneously pursuing his Master’s in Accounting from the University at Buffalo. After graduating with summa cum laude in 2013, Tariq earned his CPA certification while working as a staff accountant at Brock, Schechter & Polakoff, LLP, a top local CPA firm. Being exposed to various audit engagements, international tax filings, and a wide array of clientele from a diverse group of industries allowed Tariq to continue sharpening his professional skill set, cementing his role as a trusted advisor to clients. He rejoined Qasas Business Services as a senior accountant in 2015 and plans on continuing its timeless approach of serving its clientele with professional work, quality advice, infectious smiles, and an unwavering commitment to being by their side. Always.  

Fanan Qasas
Office Manager